Africa Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services


Goal, Objectives and Excepted Outcomes


Diverse value chain actors including policy makers, youth, women, and other key AEAS professionals develop strategies for navigating round the knowledge barriers preventing AEAS from effectively supporting the engagement of the private sector in sustainable agricultural development in Africa.


  1. To deepen the understanding of the roles of AEAS in creating synergies between the private sector and small scale farmers
  2. To facilitate continued professional networking and learning of AEAS actors in Africa
  3. To enhance the knowledge base on how AEAS can promote agripreneurship by the youth and women in agricultural commodity value chains
  4. Develop capacities for Agripreneurship and Value Chains development in Africa
  5. Outline strategies to enhance efficient and sustainable private sector – AEAS platforms
  6. Networking and building strategic partnerships, alliances and networks

Expected outcomes

  1. Fora and networks of AEAS actors at national, regional and continental levels spearheading (i) the promotion of private sector engagement in sustainable agricultural development, and (ii) the development of youth and women capacities for agripreneurship
  2. Enhanced AEAS stakeholders networking in general and specifically around issues of engaging the private sector in sustainable agricultural development
  3. Enhanced recognition of AEAS as a profession in a pluralistic context
  4. Engagement of agricultural stakeholders for the establishment and rural importance private sector and AEAS platforms
  5. More sustainable and active Private Sector – AEAS collaboration platforms